Orgavitaz – when you think of 100% Natural and Vegan Whole Food Vitamin/Minerals Complex.
Fresh from world's largest perennial certified Bio-dynamic farm.

Most “natural” vitamin supplements are chemically stripped down to a single vitamer, which are more closely related to synthetic vitamins than true plant-based vitamins. Orgavitaz offers broad spectrum plant-based vitamins. For instance, Provitamin A as Mixed Carotenoids, B12 as Total Cobalmin and Corrinoids, Vitamin E as Total mixed tocochromanols, etc..

About US

Rosun Natural Products is an innovation-driven natural products company. We consistently explore eco-friendly value gaps and markets for product innovation. Orgavitaz is an innovative product category of Rosun that covers a big segment of natural and whole food vitamins and minerals complex.


OrgaVitaz parent brand covers a range of products associated with whole food vitamins/minerals complex. It covers three major product categories; Organic Single Vitamins, Organic Single Minerals and Organic Multivitamins.


Ingredients and Supply Chain

Quality ingredients of Orgavitaz products comes from organically grown pure native farms - manufactured by freeze dried raw materials, sterilized and organically processed with water extraction methods using green solvents or super critical extraction for high concentration vitamins, which is superior to other technologies with respect to retaining all the ingredients and co-nutrients of the greens.

Ingredients Standardization

A standardized raw material is verified for active constituent believed to be present in the raw material is present in the preparation and that the potency and the amount of active ingredient is assured in the preparation. Standardization process also ensures batch to batch uniformity, confirmation of correct amount of dosage or extract per dosage unit.

The percentage physico-chemical values, viz , total ash, acid insoluble ash, water soluble ash, loss on drying and extractive values after successive extractions in various green solvents is standardized for Qualtiy Control. Every raw material batch goes through preliminary phytochemical tests as extract of greens to detect the presence of various classes of phytoconstituents by using standard procedures in the SOPs developed by the R&D.

Science Behind OrgaVitaz

Our Natural Products R&D has deep knowledge and experience in vitamin biosynthesis and plant metabolic pathways. We bring together an approach to broad spectrum plant-based vitamins with a clear understanding of vitamins physiology in humans. Our vitamins standardization process believes in minimal disturbance to the profile of ingredients to ensure that vitamins are detached from its co-factors. For relatively higher concentrations, we ensure that the vitamins and co-factors are together even if detached. We hydrolyse and stabilize vitamins using plant-based solvents and plant-based enzymes. Our proprietary plant-based solvents are unique to its purpose of utility.


Vitamins as whole food complex is about 75% high-quality agriculture and 25% of safe and bio-available processing. Orgavitaz employs careful handling of whole food sources, in order to ensure organic and nutritional integrity.


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